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    Make sure customers know they are in the right place from the moment they arrive. With the right Lobby Logo Signs, you can ensure your customers know where they are and have a clear image in their mind of what your brand has to offer. Our solutions are simple and clean, but still have the options to make unique and striking designs.

    The key factor in making the best sign for your lobby area is customization.

    • Whether you have a logo that uses a specific font already or you are looking to create a cohesive design from the beginning stages, we can help. Our Graphic Design team can help navigate font selections to best communicate your brand. For instance, a more serious company may want to avoid certain sans serif fonts, such as comic sans, but a company geared towards children’s toys could benefit from a fun font.

    • An easy way to keep things cohesive is to use the same colors. Your audience will be able to simply keep the information together and will naturally place the different images into the same brand when colors are consistent.

    • We use customized shapes to help best communicate a brand. Our standard rectangle shapes work great for companies looking for the stability of basic design. Our customized shapes, on the other hand, can help a more modern-looking company stay sleek.